There is a common misconception that CBD companies cannot advertise online. It’s time to debunk this myth once and for all. CBD Advertising is alive and well; and a crucial component of the success and continued growth of your CBD company. The bottom line is that most consumers do not buy the first time they visit a website, which is why you need retargeting.

Sample CBD retargeting ad

Sample CBD retarget ad

In fact, only 2% of first-time visitors convert to purchasers. This means you need to find a way to get your website back in front of them and do so until they purchase. This is called CBD retargeting. You are leaving thousands of dollars on the table if you do not implement this marketing strategy for your CBD company! It’s time to grab that money off of the table before someone else does.

What is CBD Retargeting?

Retargeting is an online advertising technique that keeps your CBD company in front of users who have visited your website and left without a purchase.  Have you ever visited a website and then later had an advertisement from that website for the exact same product you were looking at  pop-up on your screen?  It kind of freaked you out, right? In an effort to avoid paranoia and nightmares for the next month, you probably brushed it off as a coincidence. I hate to break it to you, but it was anything but a coincidence. It was retargeting at work.

Why Does Retargeting Work?

If the visitor left,  then they didn’t want to buy the product. What’s the point in pursuing them? Persistence pays off. The visitor may not have bought the product, but they showed an interest in it. This makes them one of the most valuable leads you have. In traditional digital marketing, you are advertising to your target audience that is defined by age, gender, location, etc. These are the people who are most likely to be interested in your product, but it doesn’t mean they are.

Retargeting allows you to target people who have already shown an interest in your product and recognize your company’s name. This means that you’ve already won half the battle: brand recognition and interest. This is why companies who use retargeting see an increase in sales and a higher return on investment.


How Does Retargeting Work?

Retargeting is a simple, non-intrusive process. It will not affect your visitors’ experiences on your website in any way. The magic happens behind the scenes! Here’s how  CBD retargeting works:

  1. You embed a piece of code on your website. (it takes 2 seconds)
  2. The code places an anonymous browser cookie when a visitor stops by (no not the like warm chocolate chip cookies right of the oven!)
  3. The visitor browses your products and services but ultimately leaves without purchasing (That’s okay!)
  4. Sample CBD retargeting ad

    Sample CBD retarget ad. Note the bright and bold colors to draw attentions and increase clicks.

    When the visitor browses the internet again, the cookie sends a message to your retargeting provider who then strategically places your CBD company’s ads on their screen. This could be anything from Facebook ads to display ads and everything in between.

  5. The visitor sees your ad and remembers why they were so interested in your product. Excitement is instilled in the visitor who revisits your website and purchases your product.
  6. Cha-Ching! You’ve made a sale!

How Do You Get Started?

CBDeebly is a small but ferocious marketing firm that wants nothing more than to see your CBD company sprout wings and fly! We understand the unique challenges that CBD businesses just like yours face in the advertising world and are here to help you find just the right channels and methods to implement your marketing strategies, including retargeting.  Contact us today and let’s get your CBD business in front of those who matter most!