If I had a nickel for every time someone told me CBD companies can’t advertise online

Plain and simple, this is false! To make the most out of your CBD company, you need to place your brand in front of as many buyers as possible. Our preferred platform for this is CBDeebly. It’s easy to get started, simple to use, and it works.

But once isn’t enough… From Facebook to display ads (check out the infographic on best and worst ad platforms for CBD companies), you want your CBD brand in front of as many consumers as possible and THEN BACK IN FRONT OF THEM AGAIN!

Say it with me again. GET BACK IN FRONT OF THEM AGAIN!

This is achieved through CBD retargeting ads. It’s okay if you don’t know much about retargeting ads. Keep reading to find out more about retargeting and how you can utilize these ads to take your CBD company from minimal sales to maximum sales.

CBD retargeting - doryWhat is CBD Retargeting

We went in-depth on this in our previous blog Everything You Need to Know About CBD Retargeting Ads but we’ll recap briefly. When’s the last time you went to a site and bought something on the FIRST visit? Unless it was the coolest thing ever or a life saving critical item you had to have or you’d die, I’m guessing the answer is never! This is why retargeting ads are so relevant.

Retargeting is simply the practice of targeting consumers with online advertising based on their previous activity. Just like Dory, most consumers can’t remember why they came to site let alone that they did at all.

Why You Need to Utilize Retarget Ads for your CBD Brand

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but, consumers are not likely to purchase a product on the first visit. In order to make the sale, you must continue to place your brand in front of them to encourage an eventual sale. When you don’t utilize retargeting ads, you’re permanently leaving thousands of dollars on the table. Using retargeting ads is crucial to your CBD company’s success and longevity!

The Top 6 Benefits of CBD Retargeting Ads 

There are many benefits of utilizing retargeting ads for your CBD brand, check out the top 6 below!

1. Making Sales

CBD retargeting - CBDeebly

This seems obvious, but so many people forget it. The multiple-touch sale is incredibly powerful and will increase your sales! If utilized correctly, retargeting ads will lead to growth and increased sales in the long run.

2. Developing Brand Recognition 

One of the most significant benefits of retarget ads is that they develop strong brand recognition for your CBD company. Building up brand awareness is crucial for the overall success of the company, especially in an industry fraught with low quality products and shady practices. Establishing your brand as high-quality and credibly means people NEED to know your name. Brand recognition creates trust between your CBD company and your current and future consumers.

3. Make a Good First Impression Or a Second  

First impressions matter, but so do second and third. Retargeting ads make sure you get a second, third, or even fourth chance to bring in potential consumers. Customers might be shopping around or checking out multiple companies, looking for the right CBD brand for them. Retargeting ads give your brand multiple chances to grab their attention and draw them in or in CBD, bring them back after them made a purchase from a competitor with an inferior product.

4. Create Cross-Selling Opportunities for the Business 

Another benefit of retargeting ads is that they create a great cross-selling opportunities for your CBD business. Through retargeting ads, you may be able to encourage customers to buy one of your products, while enticing them to purchase another or add upgrades. If you’re running a sale or special, use a retarget ad to get that to your past site visitors.

5. Build Multiple Forms of Contact 

If you’re truly committed to engage with your prospects and customers (and you should be), you’re probably emailing them. Retargeting ads also create multiple forms of contact between you and the consumer. You have probably heard the saying that it takes seven or more points of contact to convert a lead, right? Well, retargeting ads are a great and effective way to increase the points of communication between your brand and potential customers.

6. Building Customer Loyalty by Creating a Better Customer Experience 

In the CBD game, it’s all about building brand loyalty. Everyone is focused on purchase #1, but the real profit comes from purchases 2-10. Post-purchase retargeting ads increase the recognition of your CBD brand and affirm the purchase. This increases brand recall, familiarity, and trust between you and the consumer. Retargeting ads also let you target consumers’ specific product interests as you have access to the products they have already purchased, viewed, or shown an interest in. This allows your brand to create a better customer experience by pushing products that the consumer is actually interested in at a time they need a refill. It also helps to ensure that they’re not drawn to a competitor when it comes time to re-purchase. If you’re not advertising to them, you can bet that someone else is.

In 2020 when the average attention span of the consumer is that of a few seconds, CBD retargeting ads are not just a nice to have, they are critical! However, retargeting ads are not a stand-alone tactic. Multiple forms of customer acquisition and advertising should be used to create brand awareness and to convert more sales. To find out more about advertising strategies and retargeting ads, contact us today. We’re happy to work with you on a full-funnel CBD advertising strategy so you can just keep swimming, just like Dory.