In your face advertising can be like a greasy car salesman…and let’s face it, that’s not appealing to anyone. This is not how you want to portray your CBD company. In order to elevate your CBD brand, you have to take your marketing strategy to the next level. Native advertising for CBD works well for cannabis and CBD brands alike.

What are Native Advertisements?

Native advertisements are designed to blend into the surrounding content, form, and function of the platform that they are being displayed on. This is a more subtle form of advertising that allows your brand to fit-in while avoiding disruption of the audience’s experience. Well-designed ads blend in with page content that the audience is already interested in and engaged with. This means your target audience is able to become better informed about your dispensary before they ever visit your brand’s site.

Types of Native Advertisement Placement

There are three different types of native advertisement placements that your CBD brand can take advantage of. They include:

  • In-feed native ads – This type of advertisement is placed in the content feed of web pages. They imitate the site design that the ad is placed on so that it blends seamlessly for interrupted flow of information for the audience.
  • Branded content – This type of placement entails publishing a brand’s content in the same format as the site’s content as a full editorial.
  • Content Recommendation – This type of native ad is displayed with content from the host site. It blends in perfectly and has the ability to read a broader audience base.

Your CBD brand can utilize one, two, or all three of these native advertisement placement options depending on your company’s goals.

Benefits to Your CBD Company with Native Advertising

Native advertising provides numerous benefits to your CBD brand.

Brand Awareness

Native advertising helps your company to build brand awareness by getting your brand’s name out to your target audience in a subtle, yet memorable way.

Drive More Sales

The more people you can get your brand in front of, the more sales you will generate. Your CBD brand can benefit from greater exposure that leads drives more sales.

Turn More Heads

Native ads are known for having higher viewing rates, greater conversion rates, and an increase in potential consumer engagement than any other advertisement method.

Sample Native Ad

Show Your CBD Brand’s Relevance

When your brand engages with your target audience on their turf, meaning the websites they like to visit, then this gives you a better opportunity to demonstrate the relevance your company and/or products have to their lives. This allows you to build trust and loyalty with your customer base, which is crucial to the success of your business.

Put Your Consumers in the Driver Seat

Consumers want to see content from brands that truly have their best interests in mind. When your brand is able to provide valuable information, you establish yourself as an authority in the CBD world. Consumers want to purchase from you because they feel as if your brand cares about more than just making a quick buck.

Elements of a Successful Native Ad

Native ads are relatively simple to create and include copy (text), relevant images, and a click-through-link. These three elements will allow you to run native ads in many locations and platforms around the world.

Your CBD Brand Isn’t a Joke…and Your Advertisements Shouldn’t Be Either

Advertisements are often the first impression your brand gets to make on your target audience. You only get to make one, so make it good. Native advertisements are subtle, professional, and best of all eliminate the gimmicky feel of poorly designed traditional ads. CBDeebly will help you create native ads that inspire your target audience and compel them to seek out more information about what you have to offer! Contact us today and let’s create something great together!