Even the best marketing strategies can get a little dusty. That’s why it’s SO important to renew your marketing plan regularly and update things like emails, web copy, and ad creative (time to finally put that Christmas promo to rest guys).

If you’re waiting for the “perfect moment” to revisit your marketing strategy… you may be waiting a while. At Deebly, we like to use spring as an opportunity to do some internal maintenance, and we find that works well for many of our clients.

Spring is a great time to dust off your marketing strategy and refresh your ad creative

Before you say “that’s too expensive” or “that doesn’t apply to me,” take these things 3 facts into consideration:

  1. It’s cheaper than you think. Digital marketing is low-cost, and has a higher return-on-investment than traditional marketing. A fresh, new digital display ad campaign is a fantastic way to drive highly targeted traffic to your site.
  2. You should revisit your marketing plan regularly. Marketing plans should be updated at least once a year, and creative should be updated about once a month.
  3. People get tired of seeing the same ads. Creative fatigue causes a dramatic drop in click-through-rates and will make your ad campaign less effective.

Now that we’ve built a case for why everyone should do some spring-cleaning, here are some important areas to focus on.

Here’s an example of a multi-phased repurchase campaign that lasted for 4 months after the initial purchase was made

Refresh Your Emails

Although emails aren’t the most exciting subject when it comes to marketing, they’re one of the most effective.

Emails have an average of 4400% ROI. You read that right. That means every dollar you spend on email marketing has the potential to bring you a $44 return, which is kind of amazing.

Another great thing about emails: Everyone uses them, or nearly everyone. Plus, you’re reaching people that have already opted into your content and shown interest in your products or services.

The trick is getting customers to actually click on your emails and, once they do, providing them something of value that will motivate them to convert.

At Deebly, we take things a step further and generate behavior-based email campaigns. By applying data and logic, we craft automated email campaigns that are purposely timed to drive the highest number of conversions.

This is a great way to nurture customers and continually drive repurchases long after the point-of-sale.

Clean Up Your Website

All websites are a work in progress. That being said, especially for eCommerce businesses, your website is a pretty big deal. If something’s wrong with your site, it could end up costing you thousands (or more).

Here are common causes for low-converting sites:

  • Loading delays (due to issues with a payment processor)
  • Aggressive pop-ups (asking you to provide info or add more items)
  • Not enough social proof (think reviews and testimonials)
  • Broken links or images
  • Inconsistent use of fonts or branding

At Deebly, we specialize in building high-converting eCommerce websites using data-driven techniques. We provide a full suite of web services, from strategy and technical support to copy and creative.

Spruce Up Your Ad Creative

Many companies unknowingly over-expose their audience to the same ads. This inevitably causes customers to lose interest, and even become annoyed, which is the last thing you want.

So how often should you refresh ads? We generally advise businesses to update their ads about once a month, sometimes more or less, depending on the application and how well the ads are performing.


At Deebly, we’ve streamlined the process of creating ads, getting them approved, and monitoring their success, so you don’t have to worry about it.