Ad Creative Best Practices

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Ad Creative Best Practices #

While the stipulations for the CBD advertising on the Deebly display network don’t discriminate on CBD or Hemp, there are a few best practices that will increase your campaign success. Read the article on the technical creative specifications but keep in mind the below as you design your ads.

  1. K.I.S.S. Simple, bold colors work better than busy, detailed backgrounds. If you’re using photography, keep it simple and minimal. 
  2. Don’t use too much text. A simple, catchy headline, a brief subheadline, and a logo are all you really need. Try to keep it under 100 total characters (characters, not words). 
  3. Include a Call To Action. This is usually located toward the bottom of the ad image, and could be text or a “button” that tells your future customers what you want them to do. “SHOP NOW”, “SEE PRODUCTS”, or “CLICK HERE” are all good options.
    Sample Call to actions: 

    1. Shop Now
    2. Get Discount
    3. Buy CBD
    4. Read more
    5. Get Started
    6. Learn More
    7. Get 15% Off
    8. Buy Now
    9. Try CBD
    10. Purchase Today
    11. Claim Discount
  4. Keep it clean. No images (photos or designs) featuring the cannabis/hemp plant or buds. This isn’t your college dorm room. Feel free to mention “CBD” or “Hemp”, but keep it classy leave the leaves off your ads.
  5. Don’t forget mobile. Two of the included ad sizes will display on mobile which accounts for a majority of all web surfing traffic.

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