Campaign Minimums & Maximums

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Deebly Campaign Minimums #

There is currently one minimum requirement when creating Deebly campaigns.

The campaign budget.
The minimum campaign spend is just $300 every 30-days. The 30-day campaign maximum is unlimited. However, if you are wanting to spend anything above $2,000/month. Please contact us!. We’ll get you setup with a customized advertising plan, custom reporting options and an account manager.

Why is there a minimum ad budget? It’s simple actually. The reason there is a $300 minimum is that it simply isn’t enough viable to run a campaign and expect any results for less than $300 per 30-days. Since Deebly campaigns run on an ad bidding process, you need to have at least $300 every 30-days to be able to serve your ads to enough people to get a significant amount of impressions and increase your likelihood of ad clicks that bring you site visitors.

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