Deebly Results in Google Analytics

Deebly Results in Google Analytics #

Good news! As soon as your campaign is submitted and approved, you’ll start seeing traffic to your site when people click your ads. To see your site traffic, you’ll need to have a properly configured Google Analytics account connected to your website.

All levels of Deebly have access to a live dashboard that shows current campaign metrics.

Google Analytics reporting works by appending a few characters onto your destination URL. Don’t worry, UTM parameters are standard on all Deebly campaigns. You’ll notice them in the URL like the below image.

How To See Deebly Results in Google Analytics #

Once you’re logged into Google Analytics, you’ll use the UTM parameters all Deebly campaigns come with automatically to see your results. You’ll navigate on the right site to >> Acquisition >> to “All Traffic” and then >>> “Source/Medium”.

Then, you’ll see your Deebly traffic in the table below along with all your other traffic sources.


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