Professional Ad Creatives

Deebly Professional Ad Creatives #

When you set up your Deebly campaign you’ll have the option to upload your own creatives, or have our professional design team design a full set (6 ads) for you for an additional fee.

If you choose the “Professional Creatives” option, we’ll make you 6 ads, customized for your business within 48 hours.

To customize your ads to your brand, we’ll just need a couple items from you.

1: Your logo. You can upload your logo directly in the campaign builder. Make sure your logo is high quality and preferably a .png (with a transparent background).

2: Your Website Destination URL. Where do you want to send people who click on your ads?

This is usually the homepage, but can also be a shop page, a featured products page, or anything else you think would benefit site visitors from viewing.

3: Your Ad Headline. What can you say to catch the attention of potential purchasers in 1 second? Note there is a maximum character limit of 40 for this field to ensure it fits on all ad sizes. 

4: Your Ad Description. This is the explainer text on the ad. Be sure to keep it simple and to the point. Demonstrate your unique CBD offering in less than a sentence to encourage people to click the ad.

5: Your Preferred “Ad Style” from the 6 options.

That’s it!

Continue with the rest of your campaign and proceed to checkout. Once we receive your order our in-house designers will begin working on the ad designs immediately.

These ads will be automatically uploaded to your campaign so you don’t have to do a thing. You can use these ads on one campaign or as many as you’d like.

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