Puchasing Custom Audiences

Purchasing Custom Audiences #

When setting up a CBDeebly campaign you have various options for targeting audiences. If you choose the custom audience option you are opting to enlist the services of the humans at CBDeebly, not the robots behind the magic, so it does incur the additional fee.

A custom audience is manually built and curated by one of our in-house ad experts. A custom audience begins with an initial strategy meeting with our ad building expert and then employs our team to research, build and optimize an audience. We automatically apply that audience to your campaign.

When should you use a custom audience? #

custom audience is helpful if you have a niche product or want to target specific types of audiences. Examples could include people with income over 75K, or people who are interested in a specific brand. Or it can be a combination of audiences that you think match your brand.

We have a curated selection of audiences you can choose from when building your campaign, so choose the custom audience when none of those are what you are looking for.

How Often Should you build a Custom Audience? #

A custom audience should be selected if you are creating a new campaign that has a specific focus and audience you’re trying to reach. Each custom audience is an additional $500 is charged every time you request a new audience on a campaign setup. You can re-use audiences from campaign to campaign and there would be no additional fee.

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