Where Ads Are Displayed

Ads are displayed on premium inventory within the Deebly digital display network. They can be displayed on all mobile and desktop browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) and in all 50 states and on all devices (desktop computers, tablets, mobile devices, smart TVs, etc).

Deebly ads are displayed on sites people visit every day. According to eMarketerFacebook and Twitter will take 33 percent of display ad spending market share by 2017.[3] Google’s display campaigns reach 80 percent of global internet users.[4] Desktop display advertising eclipsed search ad buying in 2014, with mobile ad spending overtaking display in 2015.[5]

To download a list of the top 100 sites and apps your ads could be displayed on, [Deebly}- Top 100 Apps and Websites – April 2020.

Here’s a quick list of potential site where Deebly ads will be served.

If you’d like a custom setup with specific sites or blacklists, schedule a consultation with our advertising reps.

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