Deebly Flightpath

“We choose to go to the moon … and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” – JFK

No business makes its moonshot on day one.

It’s important to know the steps to maturity in growing an eCommerce business so you stay on the right track and actually succeed in your mission. Exercise patience and wisdom to ensure you reach the stars and don’t burn out on the launch pad.

Determine the Mission

    • Why do you have a company?
    • Who are you selling to?
    • What are your ideal customers?
    • What makes you unique/different/better than competitors?
    • Establish a brand

Build a Launchpad

    • Create a website that has a successful complete product buyer journey
    • Establish Mission Control (systems)
    • Google Analytics – properly configured
    • Website Heat Mapping
    • Make your first sale
    • Begin email capture

Begin Test Flights

    • Drive your first 1,000 site visitors to your website
    • Is the right audience arriving at the site?
    • Is the audience being delivered the right message?
    • Is the site offering the right products?
    • Is the product being offered at the right price?


    • Work on traffic delivery & site maturity
    • Ramp up prospecting – 3 different ad sets
    • Work on burst timing
    • Begin retargeting – 3 different ad sets
    • Try to reach at least $3k – $5k in total lifetime sales
    • Begin email strategy
    • Begin collecting reviews
    • Ensure your conversion pathway is low friction


    • Introduce 1-3 new advertising tactics
    • Focus on abandoned cart recovery
    • Work on repurchase email campaigns
    • Work on price/value assurance all the way through checkout
    • Try to reach $3k – $5k in monthly recurring revenue


    • Have at least 3 – 8 advertising tactics
    • Consider the idea of scarcity of your product (only 3 left!)
    • Establish a money-back customer satisfaction guarantee
    • Work on customer referrals
    • Consider creating video content
    • Work on branded content

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