Look Beyond the First eCommerce Purchase

We build systems to keep your customers coming back purchase after purchase — even in a crowded industry.

Turn Purchasers into Loyal Customers — and Revenue

Loyalty and Referral Programs

Create customers evangelists

Secure your return customers by incentivizing them to not just repurchase, but act as an ambassador on your behalf.

LTV Strategies & Tactics

Set your sights on 10+ purchases each

Focus on the entire future relationship with a customer to increase the lifetime value of the individual.

Behavior-based emails

Create your digital storefront.

Apply data and logic to create purchase email campaigns that are timed perfectly with repurchase cycles.

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Retention Program Success

By implementing time and behavior based smart email campaigns and automating processes for reaffirming purchases, creating ad campaigns timed for repurchase, Deebly helped iKOR achieve a repurchase rate of 42%.

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22 days

Average time to complete a CBD repurchase project

Located in

Denver, CO

32% Increase

Average boost in average order value on repurchases 

Many clients see a

42% increase

in repurchase rates

Expertise in Customer Engagement Platforms

eCommerce Email Framework

to jumpstart any email campaign

While the content may be the focus of your email campaign, the technical structure accounts can be the make or break of that causes your campaigns to succeed or fail.


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Don’t leave money on the table with customers not repurchasing

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