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Install your Tracking Pixel

Copy the code on the left
Email it to your web developer to have them install it

Digitally “Follow” your Site Visitors 

Now that your CBD site visitors have been tagged with a unique “cookie,” CBDeebly follows them as they browse the internet building a profile of your perfect CBD purchasers.
We do this by having partnerships with all the major ad networks on the web, Centro, Acuity, Google Marketing Platform, Facebook, and many more. When someone with your site’s cookie loads visits a website anywhere on the internet that has inventory from one of our partnerships, we can then serve up your ad in any available ad space we bid one on your behalf.

Get your past site visitors back to your site!

No matter how Amazing your CBD brand and store are, most people who visit your site are going to leave without buying. The average conversion rate for CBD e-commerce stores is 3.2% in 2020. 
Retargeting keeps your brand in front of them after they leave, giving you a second, a third, or even a fourth chance to bring them back to convert.

Boost Conversion Rates and Increase Sales

When your past site visitors see your ads for a second, third, or fourth time, they are SIGNIFICANTLY more likely to purchase from your CBD store.
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